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Jennifer Kenyon

Founder - The Crafting Cactus, USA

Design makes anything possible

Get a custom design you’ll love with our global creative platform. 99designs is the best place to find and hire talented designers to grow your business.

Logos, websites, book covers & more!

Get the perfect logo design - or any design in over 90 categories! Whatever your business need or budget, we’ll help get it done.

Two ways to get design

Our tried-and-true creative process makes design magic. With our global community that loves to collaborate, we’ll turn your great ideas into a custom design you can’t get anywhere else.

Work directly

We'll help you find a designer with just the right skill set, and you'll collaborate one-on-one with them on your project.

Start a contest

Invite our entire creative community to participate in your project. Designers submit ideas and you pick your favorite.

99designs is a platform with a good name and a very good service…

where entrepreneurs can easily find the right design for their company. The book cover for us was a very important part of the success of the book. Therefore, we entrusted this to experts and ended up being very happy with the result."

Val Racheeva + Maxi Knust ....Co-authors, Germany

We wanted something fun and eye-catching that didn’t look like every other coffee logo out there…

There were so many designs to choose from and all of the designers were friendly and willing to change things up based on our preferences. In the end, we went with a design from Wintrygrey that we absolutely love. I would definitely recommend 99designs to anyone looking for logos and branding."

When it came to developing my own brand, I didn’t really think of other options…

I want to make sure I have alignment between who I am and what I am representing. We all gravitated pretty quickly to the design from Steve Hai. He was really responsive and a great designer. — photo courtesy: instagram @matthewdelly"

It’s a privilege to work from anywhere. I’m enjoying every second of this lifestyle…

I fund a good portion of my travel expenses through 99designs, which I am very grateful for. But I also don’t need to worry about client acquisition, so I can concentrate completely on the projects at hand."

Timo Malzbender (malzi.)

UI/UX designer, Germany

Design solutions for agencies

Scale up instantly with a global network of skilled freelance designers. With our premium service for agencies, we'll connect you with the right designer, every time.

by Adam Bagus

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