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your digital advertising in a world that’s tuned out.

Harness the power of Rakuten Marketing’s AI, advanced machine learning and Data to intelligently deliver the right message when it matters—providing experiences people love.

Always Learning

With access to insights spanning Rakuten’s global memberships, Rakuten Marketing Data is comprised of rich transactional data combined with advertiser and publisher data from our partners. Our system is constantly learning, bringing your customers into sharper focus every minute.

Strategic Insights

Through comprehensive analysis of our Data, we build a keen understanding of consumers—who they are, what they value, where they’ve been and where they’re going. These consumer insights, combined with multi-channel attributed data, enable intelligent optimization across every strategic campaign for increased effectiveness and scale. These insights don’t just sit with us; we give our clients full visibility and access through our reporting platform.

Powered By Intelligence

Our AI is already in place, getting more intelligent and attuned every day and delivering industry-leading results. Connecting our Data with powerful analytical tools, our AI then puts that insight to work, creating the best experience for your customers—and your brand.

The Network Effect

We work with more than 150,000 publishers around the globe and the biggest brands on the planet. But the foundation of our success is working together. When our Data, insight and intelligence are shared between our advertising and publisher partners, the true power of the network effect is revealed.

Together as One

All of this enables you to be the catalyst for delivering stronger performance. Discover how our solutions for publishers and marketers can help you connect to today’s consumers in personalized and powerful ways and create meaningful experiences tailored to each individual.

The Three Phases of Customer Connection


Connect with the people who will love what you do.


Build trust, then build loyalty.


Engage customers and keep them coming back for more.

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