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Blueprint - get certified as a Facebook advertiser

How to Create and Manage a Facebook Page for Your Business

Getting started with Facebook is easy. Learn how to create a Facebook Page for your business and interact with your customers in a few steps.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Facebook Ads From Your Page

You can create Facebook Ads straight from your Facebook Page. Learn how to set your ad objective, find the right photos and text, decide on a budget and more.

How to Create and Manage an Instagram Account for Your Business

Share what your business is all about with Instagram. Learn how to set up a business account and post images and videos that showcase your products and company.

Get Started With Advertising on Instagram

Learn to run ads for your business directly from your Instagram account or how to create ads from your Facebook Page that can appear on Instagram.

How to Edit and Improve Your Facebook Ads

Learn how you can make changes to your ads to improve results and achieve success.

Grow Your Business With Facebook and Instagram

Learn how to create a Facebook Page and Instagram account to grow your business.This series of courses will teach you how to engage customers and start promoting your product to new audiences.

How to Get Started With Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is a powerful tool to manage your advertising needs. Learn how to get started by picking the right objectives and structure campaigns for success.

How to Create and Manage Campaigns With Facebook Ads Manager

Learn how to create ads in Facebook's Ad Manager. This series details how to select an audience, choose images and copy, set a budget and schedule a campaign.

How to Evaluate and Optimize Your Campaigns With Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook's Ads Manager offers tools to optimize your campaigns. Learn how the Facebook pixel, Insights and split tests can help your campaigns get results.

The Essential Guide to Advertising With Facebook Ads Manager

Learn how to create and manage advertising campaigns with Facebook's Ad Manager. Select your ad objective and audience, build ads, decide on a budget and more.

The Essential Guide to Digital Marketing With Facebook

The Facebook Family of Apps and Services offers several powerful free and paid tools to market your business. This series prepares you to put these tools to work to help you grow your business.

Publish, Connect and Monetize On Facebook and Instagram

With over 2 billion people to reach and innovative creative tools at your fingertips, there are unlimited possibilities for content creators on Facebook and Instagram. Learn what it takes to turn your big ideas into a big deal.

Boost your Strategy

Ready for the busiest season of the year? Make it your best yet with this essential set of courses.

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The essential guide to Facebook ads

Learn what you need to know to grow your business with Facebook ads.

How to create a Facebook Page to grow your business

Establish your business presence on Facebook through the set up, growth and management for your Facebook Page.

The essential guide to Facebook Page posts

Connect with customers with shared updates, photos and videos in your Page posts.

Growing your business with Instagram: What you need to know

Use this course to create an Instagram business account, differentiate it from your personal account and identify various ways it can help your business.

How to advertise on Instagram

Create quality Instagram ads that help you reach the people who matter most to your business.

How to create an ad on Facebook

You can create ads from your Facebook Page. Just select promote and choose an ad objective, or promotion, to get started.

The essential guide to finding visuals for your ads

Create ads that grab people's attention. Learn about the available ad formats and how to create eye-catching images, videos and more.

How to select the right ad objective for your business

Facebook offers different advertising objectives, also called promotions, to help you meet your business goals. Learn how to choose the right one for your business.

How to connect with customers on Instagram

Create and share posts or stories for your business on Instagram.

How to find your customers on Facebook

When you create an ad from your Facebook Page, you'll build an audience. Facebook offers different options to help you reach the right people.

How to edit and improve your Facebook ads

Once your ads start running, they generate data for you to review and analyse. In this course, you'll use Ad Centre to interpret those results, improve your strategies and revise your ads to achieve your business goals.

How to get started with Facebook Ads Manager

Ads Manager gives you more robust features to manage multiple ads, ad sets and campaigns. This course will introduce you to the Ads Manager interface and walk through setting up an ad account.

Learn Commerce Skills for Facebook and Instagram

The Power of Commerce on Facebook and Instagram

Learn about the unique benefits of selling on Facebook and Instagram.

Get Started With Commerce Manager

Learn how Commerce Manager can help you sell products and manage your business across Facebook and Instagram.

Case Studies - gain inspiration from what other successful advertisers have achieved with Facebook ads

Connecting with customers around the world with WhatsApp Business

Increasing leads with a combination of Facebook photo and video ads

Increasing online sales with Facebook Live

Finding more job candidates with Messenger

Generating banking leads with Facebook photo ads

Increasing ecommerce traffic and sales with Facebook Collaborative Ads

Increasing sales during a special occasion with Facebook and Instagram ads

Higher return on ad spend with value-based lookalike audiences

Increasing ad recall with Facebook video poll ads

Increasing offline sales with Facebook Collaborative Ads

Gaining more sales with Facebook ads

Discovering the true value of Facebook ads with Conversion Lift

Acquiring active app users with Facebook’s cross-border ad tools

Measuring Facebook’s impact on offline sales

Driving car sales with awareness and conversion campaigns on Facebook

Creative Tips - some basic but useful advice on getting the best out of your creatives


Showcase your brand – early and often

The first few seconds of your ad matter, a lot. The most effective mobile-first video ads include branding in the first three seconds and convey a brand's key message in a quick, easy to understand and attention-grabbing way.1


Find the balance between the message and time

A mobile-first approach requires a different type of storytelling. Make your videos as short as they can be and as long as they need to be. Please note: shorter is better. Ads under 15 seconds work best in feed, and the top-performing Stories ads are under 10 seconds in length.4


Design for sound off, but delight with sound on

Successful videos designed for sound-off are visually delightful, with a clear focal point and a super-clear message. Yet 60% of global Instagram Stories ads are viewed with sound on2, so add an auditory experience to your ad as well


Build for where people are

Get playful with video framing and maximise the space that mobile video allows. People use their phones vertically 98% of the time5, so build ads to match how people consume content.


Every moment is a chance to capture attention

With audiences swiping quickly through their feeds, your brand must make a real impact in just a few seconds. Bring your most exciting frame to the front. People consume content 41% faster on mobile News Feed than on desktop News Feed and recall content at a significantly higher rate.3


Get out of your comfort zone – and experiment

Top-performing mobile ads have an element of surprise. Introducing strong design elements may seem intimidating, but it can make ads more effective. Be creative, and test, learn and adapt.6

Discover resources that can help you create ads that people love.

Curated by Facebook

Curated by Facebook brings you stories, profiles and special features on the creative people, brands and ideas shaping digital culture, so you can get inspired to share your own work. Learn more about this channel and submit your own creative work.

Mobile Studio

What do you absolutely need to make a great ad? Your phone. Find apps to help you tell powerful stories about your brand.

Ads guide

Learn about the format, placement, specs and requirements for different types of ads available across Facebook's platforms.

Creative platform partners

We know that building mobile creative isn't always easy. Creative platform partners offer an array of solutions to meet your needs and can elevate and scale your creative production.

free TOOLS from facebook

  • Boomerang - get creative with your Instagram and Facebook video uploads
  • Business Manager - for those managing more than one account or wanting more control than a basic ad account
  • Creative Hub - create mockups, gain inspiration and and share as a 'live' ad without launching
  • Facebook Audience Insights - a great way of finding deeper insights on who to target based on broad targeting options or existing targeting groups
  • Facebook Marketing Partners - for those looking for tools or services that integrate with Facebook ads
  • Facebook 20 % Text Overlay Tool - for checking whether your image will pass the 20% rule

Business Manager

Manage ad accounts, Pages and the people who work on them – all in one place. It's free.

Why choose Business Manager?

You need more than one ad account.

Create separate ad accounts for every client or business you serve, pay for ads with different payment methods and organise by objective for reporting.

You need to request access to Pages or ad accounts.

If you have clients, you can request access to their Pages and ad accounts to become an analyst or advertiser.

You need to assign permissions to a lot of people working together.

You can allow specific, role-based access to ad accounts, Pages and other assets that your business manages, as well as easily see who's working on what.

You need business-level insights and reporting.

See the performance of your ads across different ad accounts and get reports of the assets and people your business is responsible for.

What do you get with Business Manager?

Connect with partners, find a solution.

Facebook Marketing Partners have the skills to help grow your business. Connect to a specialist and get started today.

What can Facebook Marketing Partners do for your business?

Drive measurable results.

Whether you're a small business or an established enterprise, our partners can deliver solutions to help you reach your goals.

Save you time.

Partners provide support in everything from advertising to product sales, freeing you to focus on other challenges.

Offer proven expertise.

All partners are supported by Facebook, vetted for excellence in their industries and highly skilled on our platforms.

Find partners that match your business needs.

Our partners offer a broad range of solutions to help you advertise your business, sell your products and engage with customers more effectively.

Select a business need to find out how a partner can help.


Launch, manage and measure campaigns across Facebook.


Get set up online, fulfill orders and support customers.


Connect to customers with purposeful content and messaging.

free ads RE-TARGETING & starter Guide

Creating Lead Gen Magnets (by AdEspresso - starter guide)