Boost your campaigns,

generate leads and monitor your brand

Solutions / Campaigns with interactive content

Grow your digital audience and generate quality leads with simple, interactive content on your app, website and social media profiles.

Interactive content campaigns

Solutions / Social Listening & Brand Monitoring

Analyze what customers and users are saying about your brand on social media, forums and the media.

Social Listening & Brand Monitoring

If you need to move quickly

Cool Tabs is plug & play Configure your campaign and get it online in a matter of minutes. There's no need for technical profiles to implement it.

If you want to control your data

We provide you with a centralized system where you can store, view and manage campaign and brand data. Don't worry, we'll make sure the data you've collected is safe and accessible.

If you want to analyze your results

With Cool Tabs you have instant access to all the information collected during your campaign, as well as complete traffic and conversation data.

Brands, agencies and media outlets that work with us

Cool Tabs is quick and easy to use

Customize your campaign

Use one of our pre-formatted templates to create a quick and totally succesful campaign. Or, create a custom campaign with the help of our team.

Your campaign — wherever you want it

Integrate your campaign or contest with our content widget on your website, blog, app or Facebook page... Generate qualified leads on any channel.

Optimize your activity

Use our advanced statistics and conversion panel to analyze data in real time. Create user profiles based on feedback. Detect strengths and weaknesses and use them to make adjustments — it's easy.

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